From Today….

A few snapshots from today at Windy Knoll Goldens…

This sweet little pup from Spice’s litter is just over a week old now. Elizabeth has chosen it as her favorite, and has literally spent hours snuggling him over the last week!


Look at that adorable dark golden face! In just over a week since birth, both Spice and Clara’s puppies have grown into plump little pups whose eyes are just beginning to open!


Jonathan enjoyed brushing out his lovely young Golden, Patsy, today. Many of our Goldens are in the midst of their spring shedding!


Every morning, David, who adores all the dogs, says hello to the puppies and gives the mothers some loving hugs!

And, for those of you awaiting news on the arrival of Sunny and Charlie’s litter of puppies —-we’ll have great news coming up very soon!