Beautiful, Healthy, Red Golden Pups From Clara and Sampson!

More new adorable Golden puppies have arrived at Windy Knoll Goldens!

Clara and Sampson’s puppies were born on May 24th, 2019! Clara delivered her healthy, beautiful litter of large, dark red pups with competence and regularity – and even did us the honor of choosing the daytime for whelping rather than the middle of the night! She is doing a fantastic job caring for her six adorable males, and two cute females. Her pups, in turn, take their jobs of nursing, growing, and sleeping very seriously at this point  in their lives – and don’t complain about some snuggles with us now and then!

These puppies have already been introduced to bio-sensor therapy, along with Spice’s puppies who are just several days older. Bio-sensor therapy is a series of five exercises preformed on a daily basis with each pup that have been proven to stimulate positive neurological development and subsequent positive behavior and capabilities in canines. We’re delighted to give Windy Knoll Golden puppies every opportunity for excellent foundations – whether it’s nutritional or developmental! We look forward to sharing the growth of Clara’s puppies over the next weeks before they are placed in their wonderful forever homes!




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