New Puppies At Windy Knoll Goldens!

We’re so happy to have a new litter of beautiful little Golden pups here! 

April and Charlie’s adorable puppies arrived on February 16th, 2020! April, as a first time mom, came through labor and delivery very well, and quickly settled into taking great care of her lively, healthy, hungry little canines! Her nine chubby pups, five cute boys and four cute girls, have also settled nicely into life in the big wide world.

The extent of their world right now, however,  is very cozy and limited, consisting of warmth, napping snugly with mom and siblings, lots of nursing, and sweet snuggles with the children!  At the rate they are growing, though, their world will quickly expand to include eyes opening, little legs toddling about, and adorable little barks and growls in place of the small, sweet whimpers that make up their vocal chorus right now.

We love the privilege of watching and interacting with each pup as they grow and learn and hope you’ll enjoy glimpses into their lives as well! 

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