Daisy’s Pups at Two and a Half Weeks


After sharing a little update and some adorable pictures of April and Grant’s pups yesterday, we wanted to pop in with a few photos of Daisy and Charlie’s fast growing litter as well! If you had to choose which little canines are the cutest, could you?! I would definitely be hard pressed to vote on that question!

t two and a half weeks old, Daisy and Charlie’s chubby, healthy pups, four boys and three girls, have their beautiful blue eyes open to the world around them. Their cute little legs grow sturdier with each passing day as they toddle around, while their adorable little bodies have plumped out charmingly (Daisy’s a good first time mother and takes her responsibility of nourishing them seriously!).

They haven’t quite outgrown the newborn puppy stage of soft little squeaks, grunts, and sweet murmurings even as they rapidly gain size and strength. These pups’ faces define adorable! When we took them outside yesterday to enjoy the beautiful Indian Summer weather, they seemed more impressed with their need to sleep then to experience the world around them – but give them a few weeks, and they’ll be romping and tumbling all over the place!


Good night, sleep tight!


Please note that all of these puppies are already reserved.