Growing Golden Pups!

Look at those sweet faces!

April and Grant’s puppies will be four weeks old in just two days! Healthy, robust, happy, and playful, they have grown by leaps and bounds since their birth  in September, and have enjoyed the additional benefit of some beautiful outdoor, autumn playtime thanks to the warm weather we’ve been enjoying.

Our children love playing with them each afternoon, and after fastening soft little colored ID collars on them, unofficially christened them with names: Red collar is “Apple”, green collar is “Cucumber,” yellow collar is “Joyce” – but my memory fails me in recalling all the creative names in use at the moment!

Looking quite handsome!
I love the variegated golds that lend such a beautiful charm to this face!


Exploring together is definitely the way to go for these two.


Crunchy leaves are so much fun to explore!


Hope you enjoyed your day as much as these growing Goldens pups did theirs!