A Child’s Golden Story

Our children are blessed to be growing up with some of the best canine companions around – Goldens! Our dogs are part of their everyday lives, and we couldn’t be happier that they get to experience the joys, lessons, and work that these animals share with them! Our second grade daughter recently wrote about one of the aspects of daily life here at Windy Knoll Goldens:

Bio Sensor Therapy For our Cute Puppies

Every day, Jonathan, Mary, Elizabeth, Anna, and I go out to the kennel where our cute puppies reside. It is our job to do bio-sensor therapy for each puppy. Bio-sensor therapy helps our golden retriever puppies be calm, well adjusted dogs. When we pick up each puppy, we move them up, down, upside down, and wiggle their toes as we count to five for each step. After bio-sensor therapy is finished on each of the ten puppies, I get to play with them! I cuddle the soft, chubby, golden puppies. They chase us around on strong, little legs. Sometimes, they bark, and wiggle their short tails. They are so, so cute! My favorite puppy is a soft, little brown girl who is sweet and cuddly and always runs to me when I open the door. I call her Vanilla. I love our Golden Retriever puppies and am glad I get to do bio-sensor therapy with them! 

(For more information on why we implement bio-sensor therapy with all our puppies, feel free to click here.)