FDA Finds NO Link Between Grain Free Foods and DCM

No Link…

Why am I not surprised? After 2 years of scaring dog owners and causing many pet food manufacturers to scramble to find replacements for their quality lines of FDA approved dog food, the FDA finally admits there is no link between grain free dog foods and dilated cardiomyopathy or DCM. I could have said as much without costing taxpayers millions… oh wait, I did! I looked at every single case the FDA reported on their website (around 600 cases at the time) and found that the numbers didn’t add up. There was no rhyme or reason looking at the dog foods used and the supposed correlation between the dog food and DCM. For years, Windy Knoll Goldens has stood by our use of high quality grain free dog foods which are healthier for our dogs as grains cause a multitude of problems. This whole thing looked like a “conspiracy” (yes I said it) by the largest multi-national dog food corporations along with the FDA, who they seem to have in their back pocket, to persecute smaller companies who were using higher quality ingredients and cutting into their profit margin. But that is just my opinion.

New Study suggests FDA has some serious explaining to do regarding DCM

The Fight to Justify Grains

You see, grain is cheap but dogs don’t do well with it especially when it is one of the primary ingredients. Some grain ingredients are used as fillers and are entirely useless to dogs. Think of it this way: that 50 lb bag of dog food may actually be 25 pounds of available food for the dog. It is a way to make it look like you are getting a good price for a large bag of dog food.  This is a victory for the smaller guy which means it is a victory for you and me.

I’d still like the FDA to look at why cancers are exploding across the pet world. Could it be something in the FDA approved dog food formulas? Could it be FDA approved pesticides and chemicals that are sprayed on our lawns and our food supply? Could it be FDA approved vaccines that have mercury, aluminium, formaldehyde, live viruses, and worse yet, aborted human babies.  And yes, the last ingredient is sadly in many dog vaccines and human vaccines. I’d like to see the FDA remove those harmful ingredients from the vaccines so they are safe, yet effective. This is why we use Hampl’s 9 way non-toxic dog vaccine.

We continue to be happy with PawTree’s grain free sweet potato and turkey recipe. This is the formula we recommend, but leave the choice up to you. Also, don’t forget to get a good beef bone for your dog as Thanksgiving rolls around. No matter how “good” the bag of kibble may be, nothing can beat God’s natural food for your dog. Your golden will be very Thankful!

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