Maine-ly Summer Puppy Pictures

Can you believe it? Summer is past and Autumn is here already, blowing in warm and breezy days!

With autumn colors starting to show in the trees; summer flowers nodding in the meadow; eagles circling the peaceful, blue sky; puppies growing fast with games of tackle, chase, and tug-o-war, life here in Maine is worth living.  Puppies at our new farm in Bradford, Maine have had the wonderful distinction of growing up with daily playtime in our beautiful warm and sunny pastures.

As you can see, they are about as happy as can be as they get individual attention each day by us and our children. They even get to practice navigating the stairs leading up to our front porch. Hint: click on each picture to enlarge it.

While each of these beloved puppies have already found their new homes, we have additional golden retriever puppies going home this fall and early winter with only a few openings left.  We’ll post updates of each new litter that has recently been born!