Teddy and Goldie’s First Litter of English Cream/American Golden Pups

English Cream American Golden Retrievers

We are delighted to welcome Autumn in Maine with several new litters of beautiful puppies here at Windy Knoll Goldens! Each day abounds with a lot of puppy snuggles, puppy playing, and puppy care! Teddy and Goldie’s litter of English Cream/American Golden pups arrived on September 2nd, an adorable bunch of soft cream Goldens. 

Goldie is a beautiful first time mom to this crew of four boys and one girl – and all her faithful mothering has resulted in some record breaking chubby pups!

Each week finds these rolly polly little ones growing cuter, stronger, and more mobile! Now, if they are not busy napping, nursing, or being snuggled, they love to toddle around, exploring!

With our handsome, friendly, loyal English Cream Teddy as their father, and beautiful, sweet, honey colored American Golden, Goldie, these pups will mature into gorgeous, lovely Goldens.



Good night, sleep tight!

Watch for updates of several other new litters coming in the next couple of days!