Announcing Florence and Teddy’s Beautiful English Cream AKC Puppies

Another litter of AKC Goldens that recently arrived here at Windy Knoll Goldens in Bradford, ME are beautiful full English Cream Goldens.

Florence and Teddy’s adorable puppies were born less than two weeks ago on September 18th – a healthy, robust litter of four males and four females! 

As these lovely, soft white, plump canines approach two weeks of age, their beautiful, soft blue eyes have opened to the world around them – a warm, cozy world of snuggles, nursing, napping, and tumbling over one another for the best position curled up against Mama’s warm, safe side

Just like all our other little Goldens, each of these pups go through our puppy biosensor therapy each day – a five step process that promotes and enhances healthy, stable neurological and physiological development that provides a great foundation for the rest of a dog’s life.

We love watching each of these little Goldens grow and develop in all ways each day (Esther, one of our daughters, says that this is currently her favorite litter!) and hope you enjoy a little glimpse through these photos!

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