Susie and George’s Three Week Old Golden Retriever Puppies

What do you think – are Susie’s puppies “Sharing Secrets” or “Playing Telephone?”

Susie and George’s adorable puppies are three weeks old and have grown by leaps and bounds these first weeks of their life! Their beautiful, milky blue eyes are open to the late summer beauty around them, and their sturdy little legs gain strength and steadiness toddling around when they are not too busy with the all-important tasks of nursing or sleeping! Many of them sport lovely dark red coloring of their coats; some of them are even complimented by the cutest little white splashes on their foreheads and paws!

Peekaboo! Do you see that adorable white splash on my forehead?


Sweetness itself…
Elizabeth attempted the challenging task of seeing how many of these ten playful pups she could get lined up at once! It’s a job that’s harder to accomplish than you might realize!


Elizabeth did it! All ten brothers and sisters (sort of) lined up!


Look at that beautiful dark red coloring! Did you know that Golden puppies’ tend to darken as they mature, often to the coloring of their ears as young pups.

Children and Goldens are a great combination!
Droopy blue eyes growing sleepier and sleepier….

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  1. We can’t wait to pick up our new boy yous have made our day they are so beautiful we are counting the days

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