Last English Cream American Golden Retriever!

Sometimes we have the privilege of taking care of one of our AKC golden retriever puppies for their new owners until they are ready to pick them up. This adorable, friendly little male from Pickle and Teddy’s litter is one such puppy. He loves any and all attention he can get and isn’t picky about who he gets it from. Whether he plays with us, our children, or any of our other dogs or cats, he has a great time. Below are a few pictures we got the other day. The studio pictures were a little harder as he wanted to do anything but sit and stay! So eventually, we let him outside to run some energy off. If you are interested in getting a puppy in the future, please check out our puppy reservation page for the latest information and availability of new puppies! There are only a few puppies still available in January.

Golden Retriever Puppy sitting
Sit, Stay! Good Boy!
Puppies have lots of energy!
Are you sure you don’t want me running around?
He stopped to look curiously at something.


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