Florence and George’s Puppies Outside Time!

The other day, we took all the puppies outside on a beautiful, sunny, warm day and let them frisk around the yard. The smaller puppies, like Florence’s, move around a bit less than the larger ones, especially in the grass. But they still love the new environment. Each day they get playtime and handling as well as classical music therapy which helps grow their brains leading to a more balanced and mentally mature pup. They also receive special, natural wormers from Amber NaturalZ which help them stay healthy. Utilizing conventional wormers alone can lead to resistance and digestive upset which is why we use a combined approach. We want every puppy to have a good head start on life which means they have the least amount of toxins and the most nutrition. There is only has one female still available from this litter!

Black Collar
Dark Pink Collar
Green Collar
Dark Green Collar
Light Pink Collar
Florence Pups
All the puppies hanging out!
Purple Collar
Yellow Collar


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