2 Adorable Roly-Poly Golden Retriever Puppies

Spice’s puppies are some of the most adorable, roly-poly AKC golden retriever puppies we have seen in quite some time. In her previous litter, Spice had three puppies, who also grew into extra-sized bundles of cuteness. With both parents being large goldens themselves, and only two puppies in this litter, both puppies receive all the nutrients that would typically feed a larger litter. Spice’s abundant milk supply, combined with minimal competition, results in these two cute puppies having more than they can eat. 

These puppies enjoy exploring the Maine countryside during the lovely summer days. They have endless opportunities to explore and find new hiding spots. However, one time, some puppies from another litter ventured too far and climbed into a small drainage culvert to escape the heat. The cool environment was inviting, and the puppies fell asleep inside. After searching for a while, we managed to locate them and had to carefully extract them without allowing them to crawl farther back into the culvert. Since then, we have made sure to keep these puppies away from that area. Below are a few pictures of the puppies when they were a little over two weeks old.

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