Amber NaturalZ Care Kits for Pets with Antioxidants!

Amber Technology has put together a combination of products that support the normal functions of the body to help keep your dog in peak condition. This kit contains items that every dog and cat lover needs in their home. For those of you who like to travel, this kit comes in a sleek carrying case that makes traveling easy.

Canine Care Kit contains:

  • 1 oz bottle Paxaid –Digestive Rescue
  • 1 oz bottle Vibactra Plus- Immune Support +
  • 1 oz bottle Pets C&C- Sinus Support
  • 1 oz bottle Life Cell Support- Liver Health
  • 2-dram bottle Kidney Rejuvenator- Help Supports Normal Kidney Functions
  • 2-dram bottle Adizone- Aches & Discomforts for Canines
  • One Bandage Kit
  • One Syringe (5cc)


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