The Details About Betsy’s Puppies…and a video!

Betsy has given us seven beautiful dark red Golden Retriever puppies. FIVE cute, little females and TWO handsome little males complete her litter!

Betsy’s beautiful puppies have settled right in at two days old and are already growing – I wonder if we watched closely enough if we could see that process in action, it’s so fast! I have to say, Betsy is probably the most concerned and devoted mother of all our Golden Retriever moms. For the first few days of their little lives in particular, she can hardly pull herself away from them for the necessary trips outside, and  if she happens to hear the tiniest little peep from one of the pups, she’s instantly back at their sides! In fact, I have to take on the mothering of Betsy, to make sure she gets what she needs, since she is so taken with her pups. Her ardor will cool after the first several weeks and her little puppies grow more demanding and rough, but she will still continue to give and give and watch over them with care.

All the children are delighted with the arrival of more puppies! Even little Elizabeth got in on the action when helping her Daddy make sure the puppies and Betsy had a clean and cozy home. Check out the following video, which will also give you a glimpse of Betsy and her little ones. Betsy, though ever so careful of her puppies, loves people being around and as long as her young pups are not being handled too much, she welcomes the company!



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