AKC Golden Retriever Puppies for Sale!

Are you looking for an wonderful golden retriever puppy addition to your family this spring? We have good news for you! Our wait list for our own spring litter from Jenny and Shep is filled, but if you read below, you’ll find some AKC puppies who will be available for their new homes come April!  Check out our new www.windyknollgoldens.com page….

We love working with the wonderful individuals  who give our Golden Retriever puppies great homes! Being small family breeders, however, means that we only have several litters a year from our Golden Retrievers. Obviously, that also means that we only have a relatively small number of golden retriever puppies to offer each year. We hate to disappoint any of you, however, in your search for that perfect, cute, family-raised golden puppy, so we are excited to announce this new page! Here we will be offering you the contact information of small family breeders that we know personally and are happy to recommend as excellent potential breeders to consider in your search for an AKC Golden Retriever companion. As their AKC Golden Retriever litters become available, we will post that news here and invite you to contact them for puppy availability.


Beaver Lodge Nellie and Wrights Mountain Augustus have a litter of six fine Golden Retriever Puppies.

AKC Wrights Mountain Augustus
AKC Ebenezer Goldens Nellie
AKC Ebenezer Goldens Nellie

Click here for more info on how to adopt one of these puppies for your own family. 

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