Introducing Caleb T. Moore… A New Team Member of Windy Knoll Goldens!

We are excited to announce that we have a new member as part of our Windy Knoll Goldens team!

Caleb Moore is the new team member of Windy Knoll Goldens
Caleb with one of Jenny’s young puppies.

Caleb Moore, a fine young man of seventeen, who also happens to be one of Greg’s younger brothers, has been interested in raising dogs for some time now. He’s seen some of the ropes of what happens around here, and has even played an instrumental part in assisting with some of the additions we’ve made to our farm for our goldens, such as fence expansion and creating luxury outdoor dog houses. However, a new opportunity has presented itself this spring for him to become quite an integral part of Windy Knoll Goldens for a time. Let me explain…

Back in November of last year, Greg and I were delighted to discover that we ourselves had a new little baby on the way! As this pregnancy progressed, Spring rolled around, bringing with it Jenny’s time frame for her breeding. As we pondered the timing of the arrival of our own little one, and the arrival of Jenny’s litter, we realized that Jenny’s puppies would be needing the most intense time of their care during the last few weeks of my own pregnancy, and that they would also be heading to their new homes right around the time our baby would be born. Coupling that with Greg’s own busy summer work season as an RPT (Registered Piano Technician –, we soon realized that we couldn’t provide quality care for everyone and everything. However, we already had a number of people waiting on this litter of puppies from Jenny and Brodie, eager for early summer additions of their own, so we hated to postpone the breeding.

This is where Caleb comes in. The decision was made that he would, under our oversight, take on the main responsibility for Jenny’s litter of puppies, enabling us to still breed Jenny for her Spring litter without fearing that we would be stretched too thin with our own responsibilities. Caleb is doing a great job handling this litter, as he learns first hand what goes on with raising golden retriever young ones. He has made Jenny a cozy, comfortable whelping pen at his own families small farm not far from here, and constructed a nice outdoor pen for when the puppies are a little older. He monitored Jenny’s entire labor and delivery, and he has enjoyed caring for the growing puppies since their birth. With seven other brothers and sister around to enjoy the puppies, as well as our own visits over there, there’s no doubt that each little golden is enjoying lots of handling!

We’re so thankful for Caleb’s investment in Windy Knoll Goldens in this way! And as the arrival of our own eagerly anticipated new little baby draws near, we can enjoy the time that we do have with the puppies, knowing that they are in good hands when that new baby joins the scene and occupies our attention!