A Furry Afternoon

Our Windy Knoll Stonewall Jackson, affectionately known as Jack around here, has an extremely thick, heavy, curly coat that has recently been shedding the thick, winter undercoat profusely. He’s been in desperate need of a brushing, and Mary Grace tackled the project with me the other afternoon. We brushed out boatloads of thick, furry undercoat, and trimmed his toenails while we were at it. Jack loved every minute!

Mary Grace and our one year old Windy Knoll Stonewall Jackson, AKC Golden Retriever Sire

Windy Knoll Stonewall Jackson enjoyed a much needed brushing the other day

Jack is like any other Golden Retriever - he loves attention!

Jack will be turning one year old in just a couple of days! Happy Birthday, Jack!

Also, stay tuned for an update on Jenny and Brodie’s ten day old puppies in the next few days! 

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