Days in the Lives of Polly’s Golden Puppies

Polly’s Golden puppies are two and a half weeks old now, and really beginning to emerge as little pups who are expressing more and more interest in their surroundings, although they are still devoted to much sleep and much nursing! Enjoy the photos and videos below which will give a glimpse into their past week here at Windy Knoll Farm.

One little, two little, three little puppies….almost all of Polly’s pups enjoying their first experience in the beautiful summer weather! One little pup didn’t quite want to get his photo taken and crawled away before I could capture the entire litter together!
Don’t you want a kiss, little sis?


Soft, cool green grass made for a comfortable spot for two of Polly’s pups to snuggle up together while outside.


One afternoon this past week, when it was just Elizabeth with me. she was thrilled to be my big helper and learn how to safely carry a puppy for me! It’s very important to teach young children the correct way to interact and handle animals, including puppies.

This past week, we also took DNA samples from each of Polly’s pups. (If you are wondering why we did this, read this blog post.)  The children were my good little helpers. Jonathan’s job was to photograph the event (all the following photos are his), Mary checked each puppy to ensure their mouths were clean before the swabbing, Esther delivered and removed each pup as needed, and Elizabeth snuggled each waiting pup, while Anna (the baby) slept obligingly. I preformed the actual procedure, which consisted of swabbing both cheeks of each pup to obtain the needed samples.

Waiting patiently, albeit sleepily, for their turn to have a DNA sample taken.
Mary carefully checked each pup’s mouth before it was swabbed.

The puppies were not thrilled with being disturbed from their naps, but submitted relatively patiently to the procedure.

Not all is sleep, however, as the following little video clips show Polly’s puppies enjoying the outdoors for the first time!



Polly herself is a very happy, contented, and caring mother. In the video below, she sauntered over to say hello to our neighbor, before returning to check on her young ones!