Patsy and Murphy’s Golden Puppies Announcement

Life is never dull around here! Only 24 hours after Dory’s pups arrived, Patsy delivered her lovely litter of AKC American Goldens! 

On March 26th, 2020 her four girls and three boys arrived safe and sound and have been busy every since growing like weeds! Patsy grows particularly plump, rolly-polly, adorable pups and this litter is no exception! Each day finds them a little fatter and cuter than the day before!

Aren’t those faces adorable?! These puppies love snuggles, warmth, nursing, and just like Dory’s puppies, have been introduced to the Super Dog program that we use for all our pups for a superior neurological foundation for life!

Please note that all of Patsy’s pups are already reserved. 

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