Our Little English Cream Puppies Are Growing Fast!

It’s been a delight enjoying our first litter of full English Cream puppies with their stunning dark eyes, silky white coats, and adorable little faces! Dory and Dozer’s four girls and four boys have grown tremendously since I last posted pictures of them. I have got to say that while I personally really admire the dark gold color in a mature Golden Retriever, there is something quite irreplaceable about the cuteness of the little white English Cream pup’s faces!

At three weeks old, they’re now enjoying toddling about their home, sampling real dog food here and there, and wearing shiny little color coded collars.. They’re still  most earnest about sleeping, nursing and snuggling, though!

During playtime with puppies just yesterday, the children came trooping to me one by one to show me their personal favorite little puppy, each snuggled cozily in little arms, and each, in my opinion, about as cute as the next.

Sleeping upside down in Esther's arms, as cozy and content as can be!

I think that’s a Good Night photo from one of our very sleepy, very content, very adorable English Cream puppies! I hope you sleep as well as she is!


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3 Responses

  1. Do you have any English cream puppies available?
    If so, can I get some info.
    Thanks, Maria

  2. Beautiful puppies. Considering taking on a puppy. Kids are grown, I live in the country. Years ago had a golden retriever from Save-a-Stray as well as a Lab and a retriever/sheepdog mix when the kids were small. All have since passed.
    Are they all spoken for? How much are you asking for them and what does that include?
    Thank you… Bonnie from Fort Ann, NY