Pickle and Teddy’s Puppies are Here!

Pickle and Teddy’s puppies are here! There are 5 handsome Males and 5 pretty Females. Click here to watch the VIDEO of the puppies.

Windy Knoll Goldens English Cream/ American golden retriever sitting on a pumpkin

Golden Retriever Puppies with Cat
Our very maternal cat, Bubbles, isn’t quite sure what kind of “kittens” these little babies are!
Fall Sunshine on Puppies
Aren’t those sweet tiny faces with perfect little ears and noses adorable?!
AKC Golden Retriever Puppies
Puppies know how to make themselves comfortable just about anywhere!

Windy Knoll Goldens puppies love the warm sunshine in October

Golden Retriever Puppies with Cat
I think she’s decided she’d better help us take care of the pups!


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