Announcing Goldie and Grant’s Puppies!

Goldie and Grant’s much anticipated litter of gorgeous AKC Golden puppies arrived on September 22, 2022 – born just before the  autumnal equinox!

This litter was one of the most anticipated litters this year with a dozen people hoping to get a Goldie/Grant puppy. We found ourselves rather surprised, however, when Goldie presented us with a very small litter of two very fat and healthy males – not a usual occurrence in the world of Golden Retriever families! A big litter doesn’t equal a better litter, however, and these two cute little chunks are rapidly growing into very healthy, very doted on, well loved, and adorable little boys! They’re enjoying lots of snuggle and nursing time with their beautiful, devoted mother, Goldie, as well as enjoying cuddles and fun with us as we introduce them to early neurological stimulation (bio-sensor therapy) – and of course, a dose of the beautiful autumn sunshine we’ve been enjoying here!

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