English Cream American Golden Retriever Puppies Are Here!

Each of these adorable puppies loves it when we play with them and handle them three or more times per day. Open the door to their pen or gate in their outside play yard, and they come running for attention. There are many benefits of mixing the two lines of golden retrievers. One of them being the increased resistance to cancer compared to the American lines. On average, English Cream golden retrievers have 63% less cancer than their American counterparts. By mixing the two there is a much better chance for a long, healthy life for these puppies!

Besides the possible genetic link, there is a very interesting possible link between the kind of dog foods goldens eat. The second compelling possible link is several toxins in some vaccines. There are also environmental toxins to watch out for like city water with chlorine, and lawn sprays. Tick and flea medications, and other drugs can have side effects, some of which can lead to cancer.

But we don’t leave everything to chance. With those things in mind, we give our puppies fresh well water, and a feed them a combination of organic dog food and high quality dog kibble. They get supplements each day that have been shown in some studies to kill cancer, like powdered garlic, and certain ingredients in the NuVet Plus supplement. Powdered garlic is also a mild wormer, prebiotic, good for joints, and is a tick, flea, and mosquito repellant! The wormers we now use are completely non-toxic and include herbal formulas, plus MSM which was found to be helpful in cancer treatments by the NIH. MSM is also a great joint supplement and has a list of wonderful benefits for puppies. We also use non-toxic vaccines that cover all the usual diseases that are most concerning like distemper, parvovirus, and Lyme disease. Best of all, our puppies get to enjoy the beautiful, clean, fresh outdoors scented with balsam fir, and newly mown grass. This is rural Maine at its best. Each day is another blessing. Each puppy is another blessing waiting for the right family to come along and fill their days with happiness, fun and laughter.

Enjoy the pictures below! There are still openings for some of these puppies.

Just realizing the intricacies of the world!
A New Day full of wonder!
Engish Cream Father~ Sir Lancelot
This puppy is lost!
Partners In Crime!
Puppies are the best!
Nap Time!