Blue Collar English American Golden Puppy

AKC Golden Retrievers Sir Lancelot and Lady Liberty’s golden retriever puppies are the friendliest bunch we have had in a long time. It is partly genetics, but in addition to that, they got more handling and supplemental bottle feeding at the beginning of their lives because there were 12 of them. But after a while, everything got ironed out and these puppies thrived on individual attention. Below are pictures of the first pick of the litter, blue collar puppy, who is spunky, friendly, and had a super personality. He is still available due to someone having an unexpected change in their life which didn’t allow for getting a puppy at this time.

Spunky, friendly, medium energy golden puppy
Spunky, friendly, medium energy golden puppy
Golden Retriever Always checking things out
Always checking things out
Sleepy Golden Retriever
He just woke up for a nap to get his picture taken
AKC Golden Retriever puppy yawning
Cute yawn!