Florence and Freddy’s English Cream Goldens

Florence has had her puppies at last! Six happy, healthy full English cream puppies were born on Friday the 8th of December to their very loving and caring mother, Florence. Florence is a quiet, calm, and fastidious mother who diligently takes care of her puppies. The father, Freddy, who doesn’t like to be left out of any equation, behaves like a puppy most of the time with energy and friendliness toward his fellow goldens and people alike. He also happens to be the father of two other litters that will go home in April! We will announce those litters once they are born. This litter has only one male that hasn’t been spoken for.


Loving Mother takes care of her English Cream Puppies!
Loving Mother takes care of her English Cream Puppies!
Two day old English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies
Only 2 days old!
Fat healthy English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies
Fat and healthy puppies!
English Cream Golden Retriever Running through snow
Freddy Zooming around our field
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One Response

  1. what an absolutely stunning litter of English Cream Goldens! The care and love evident in each of these adorable pups is truly heartwarming. Florence and Freddy are such magnificent parents, and it’s evident that they pass on not only their beauty but also their gentle and loving nature.