Guinevere’s English Cream Puppies Growing Fast

Our second English Cream litter of the year have passed several milestones. They completed 14 days of sensory therapy sessions. The 9 fast-growing pups are eating on their own and are mostly independent of their mother. They graduated from the whelping box and now have the entire inside of their 6′ x 10′ kennel to romp around. They are also starting to go outside the doggie door! They are already into some predictable mischief as well: chewing up their ID collars. One of the highlights of their day is when Brad, Lucy, and Violet visit. During feeding/cleaning times, these adolescent dogs love to say hello to the pups. Click below to see clearer pictures!

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4 Responses

    1. Unless someone backs out at the last minute, there aren’t any from this litter. However, if you look at a previous litter, (Florence’s) you will see that there is one female puppy still available. Contact us for more details.

  1. I had to say goodbye to my 4th golden a few weeks ago and am looking for a new friend.I hike of walk every day so my pup and I would be very busy .

    1. Sorry to hear that! It is always hard to lose a golden. I do have 1 English Cream Female and 1 American Female available. You can see which litters by looking through our “Litters” page.