Clover’s Dark Red Golden Retriever Puppies

Clover’s eleven sleek three-week old puppies love to sleep together in one giant puppy ball. They all pile, burrow, and snuggle up in one corner of their whelping pen to form a red mountain of slim muzzles, floppy ears, oversize paws, and lots of limbs. Clover is a caring and conscientious mother and with this large litter, a very busy one as well. She takes pride in keeping all her puppies washed and tidy. The puppies’ eyes are wide open now. If sleepy, they will blink solemnly at you; but if awake, they will tilt their heads and give you a curious glance. They are at the cuddliest stage-petting them doesn’t get any better than this! Click below to enlarge the puppy images!

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